1. Punctuality

• Please book your appointment 24 hours in advance.
• Please inform us if you’re expecting more than 15 minutes late. We cannot guarantee full-time completion of the services booked, but will try our best to do so.
• If you have a record of making an appointment that you don’t cancel and don’t show up, or are always late, we reserve the right to refuse service or ask for a nonrefundable deposit for any future appointments.

2. Refunds and Chargebacks

• Chipped or peeled nails are fixed for free if you notify us within 24 hours from the time of your service. Issues reported after 5 days will be assessed case by case.
• If you’re unsatisfied with our work, we’re happy to correct it free of charge if you tell us immediately. As soon as you walk out the salon door, we assume you’re happy with our service.
• Cost of repairs/replacements are applied in case your nails are damaged due to your own lack of care.

3.Personal Items

• We’re not responsible for any loss or damage of your personal items. Please be extra careful when handling polishes and check if any belongings are left behind.

4. Gift Card / Voucher Terms of Use

• Gift Cards can’t be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
• Expired Gift Cards won’t be accepted.
• Lost or stolen Gift Cards will not be replaced or refunded.

To guarantee the best service quality, Please:
• Certain about the service you’d like to have. Otherwise, please speak to our manager.
• Inform our staff if you are allergic to any chemicals or substances before getting any service.
• During service, please let our staff know your feedback on their work so they can satisfy your requirements straight away.
• Inform our manager immediately if you have any concern relating to the salon, staff, or about any abnormal reaction, or condition with respect to your nails.

3Sixty5 Nail Studio will do the best to provide premium-quality service, a hygienic environment, and we treat you with urbanity and respect.
Issues reported after 7 days will be assessed case by case.
If they have any problem with the service they can comeback within 7 days to fix the issue.

  • Issues reported after 3 days will be assessed case by case.
    If they have any problem with the service they can comeback within 3 days to fix the issue.

Thanks for your continuing support!

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